EMC testing for an electric and electronic device

Itcindia, India, 11 July 2011- EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility. An electronic or electric device can show a disorder in working when come in contact with any electromagnetic field. But in this modern era where communication and other technologies are on very high position, Presence of Electromagnetic fields not an odd thing. So for a manufacturer of electric and electronic devices is necessary to have EMC testing to see the compatibility of any product in any electromagnetic field manufactured by him. If any product does not pass the EMC TESTING then it can cause a dangerous effect on working of it when come in contact in any electromagnetic field. It badly affects on the sales of the product and this is a high loss for the manufacturer. Now in India a company named itcindia is providing the facility of EMC testing to ensure continuous operation of any electric or electronic product in an electromagnetic environment. Here EMC testing is done by high quality and latest technology systems. The entire product produced by the itcindia is passed from EMC testing. EMC testing is required by all electric or electronic device manufacturers. To avail the EMC testing facility you can visit http://www.itcindia.org
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