Emergency Bankruptcy & Stop Wage Garnishment For Anaheim Location

Anaheim, California LawFuel.com – Best Bankruptcy Law Newswire Service  July 25, 2013

The Law Offices of Zhou & Chini are announcing their new marketing campaign designed to make those in the Anaheim area aware of an emergency bankruptcy filing or stop wage garnishment services. The professional attorneys at Zhou & Chini have years of experience and can help Anaheim residents get through financially difficult times by filing for an emergency bankruptcy, and having wage garnishments stopped. Since 1999, Zhou & Chini have been effectively assisting Anaheim and other Southern California residents with tough legal situations.

imes are tough enough with a bad economy and many homes that still have not recovered from the 2007 crash. The firm works with clients that have a constant barrage of phone calls from bill collectors, and companies garnishing wages to help better their client’s financial situation. Those experiencing such challenges in the Anaheim area can get financial relief by contacting the Law Offices of Zhou & Chini for professional legal assistance. The law firm’s recently launched marketing campaign seeks to make residents living in and around the Anaheim area that they can get quick relief from the burdens and oppressions of bill collectors by filing for emergency bankruptcy. Lenders or collectors trying to garnish the wages of Anaheim workers can also be stopped through the firm’s knowledgeable and experienced lawyers. To discover California bankruptcy exemptions and what they mean for local residents call the law firm directly here at 888-901-3440

Freedom from intense financial pressures may be quickly eliminated by filing for emergency bankruptcy. Debts can be wiped clean and extra money can be freed up through bankruptcy services offered by Zhou & Chini. Skilled in bankruptcy law, Zhou & Chini bankruptcy attorneys will provide Orange County residents with free situation assessment consultation to see whether Chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy are best. Once a particular bankruptcy is selected, the same lawyer will work with the client throughout the process as well as to ensure bill collectors stop harassing phone calls and other communications. Those having their wages garnished in Anaheim can have the process stopped through the expert lawyers of Zhou & Chini. After counseling with the client and within a short period of time, attorneys will work to have wage garnishments stopped so that money can once again flow into their client’s life situations, easing financial burdens.The law office urges clients to first work with a home loan expert to determine if a refinance can be accomplished prior to filing for bankruptcy.

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