Emergency Excellence Introduces EmEx-Contact – Emergency Department Patient Callback and Patient Satisfaction Survey Solution

June 26, 2009 LawFuel Legal Newswire – Emergency Excellence (EmEx) is pleased to announce the introduction of EmEx-Contact, its turnkey solution for performing emergency department patient callbacks and phone-based patient satisfaction surveys. EmEx’s trained call center team contacts emergency department (ED) patients soon after discharge and inquires about changes in patient condition, whether aftercare instructions were understood, and if there are any impediments to follow-up. Any patient care issues are immediately forwarded to the ED. In addition, EmEx collects patient satisfaction data and obtains specific feedback on the ED experience and provider performance.
Tom Scaletta MD, EmEx President, has been coordinating successful patient callback programs for nearly a decade. The EdwardHospital callback program that he implemented has been recognized as a best practice by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation [http://www.rwjf.org/pr/product.jsp?id=29982] and has been integral in helping his emergency department consistently achieve patient satisfaction scores above the 95th percentile. Dr. Scaletta explains, “personally following up with discharged patients has had a hugely positive impact on the care that we provide in terms of ensuring patient safety and quality, reducing risk, and measuring overall satisfaction. The personal connection made by the callback clerk is invaluable and helps us ensure that our patients are continuing on to lead healthy and happy lives.”

Mark Reiter MD MBA, EmEx CEO, notes “a patient receiving a callback appreciates the well-being check and the opportunity to offer feedback on their experience. Regularly engaging a large subset of your patients helps your emergency department recognize what it is doing well and what needs improvement.

EmEx was founded in 2008 to help hospitals improve performance and to recognize excellence in emergency care. EmEx measures emergency department performance through data analysis, benchmarking, stakeholder surveys, and the application of lean operations management principles. 
Learn more about EmEx at http://www.emergencyexcellence.com.
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