Environment Law – BP Oil Spill Creates Rush to Get OSHA Accepted Hazwoper Training for Cleanup Opportunities

The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico becomes more threatening and more environmentally dangerous hour by hour. Although this all still is secondary to the size and the amount of oil that was leaked into Prince William Sound by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska, that record natural disaster and environmental calamity is being challenged by the exponentially increasing environmental destructiveness of the BP Oil Spill of 2010.

The old saying when life hands you lemons you make lemonade although a bit on the comical side; can be applied to the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico for many reasons. The most overwhelming reason is the destruction and the loss of habitat for both humans and animals threatens to be on a scale never before seen in modern times in North America. Along with the destruction of habitat through contaminated soil and water locations on an immense scale there are losses to both flora and fauna that threaten to break all existing records in the United States for natural disaster. Unfortunately the Federal Government along with the Fish and Game Department and the EPA all consider an oil spill as a naturally-occurring accident only because the oil is being pumped in the same location in which the tragedy occurred.

Without splitting hairs here the need for qualified and OSHA accepted certified spill cleanup personnel as well as other support staff will and is employing thousands of individuals and given a shot in the arm to the overall unemployment numbers of the Gulf Coast States. This is being seen as a great deal since the livelihoods and the actual positions of thousands of individual fisherman, shrimpers, clam boats, oyster processing facilities and of course the Gulf of Mexico’s destroyed fishing resource. Based on the current projection of the oil spill, this situation can be bad everywhere all up and down the coasts of Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi with the oil slick crashing into the shoreline and causing millions of dollars worth of damage.

The need for OSHA training courses such as the ones listed below and most especially in the Hazwoper (Hazardous Spill Removal) discipline has propelled one company to the forefront of the online safety and health provider role, Online OSHA Safety Training.

The company is seeing an incredible amount of students enrolling in a variety of safety courses and obtaining OHSA accepted Safety certification (i.e. 40 Hazwoper or 24 Hazwoper). The only positive result of this otherwise terrible oil spill caused by an unplugged and ruptured oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico is that thousands of unemployed workers will be able to receive a paycheck while helping to clean up the escaped and escaping oil that threatens to quadruple the amount being pumped out from the bottom the Gulf of Mexico if something isn’t done and fast.

It is difficult to proclaim that anything remotely resembling a positive for this tragedy exists yet the fact remains that there are thousands of good-paying hazardous materials clean-up positions needing to be filled. The loss of billions of dollars worth of prime habitat for viable commercial fish species and shell-fish not to mention the lively-hood of more than half the population of the area makes any sign of hope valuable and treasured.

Online OSHA Safety Training has two methods in which you can quickly become OSHA accepted certified and be able to either volunteer or join up with a clean-up outfit and become a paid employee of the massive BP Oil Spill cleanup effort. The first method is to log on to the onlineOSHAsafetytraining.com and enroll right there on the web site.

Online OSHA Safety Training co-founder Bobby Malhotra said “Our main objective is safety and we have built a very effective as well as extremely fast method for training an individual within the OSHA accepted Hazwoper 24 and 40 Hour Safety Training course(s) that will be accepted locally and State …so that the volunteers can have all the tools they need to help us with the massive cleanup effort that will unfortunately be required for many months if not a full year.”

Malhotra went on to explain that there are no-size limitations for the online OSHA accepted Hazwoper safety courses and that entire crew of volunteer from the BP oil cleanup site can be taught with the on-site instructors who are all well-versed in their field and are certified health and safety specialist(s) for online OSHA safety training. The bottom-line is that every volunteer who is willing and able and can become OSHA compliant through the Online OSHA Safety Training site has open access as well as no problems in securing the test-site or through the online version.

The Hazwoper 24 Hour Training Course along with the Hazwoper 40 Hour Training Course allows worker an opportunity to work for the oil cleanup sites. All successful students who have taken and passed the Hazwoper 24 or 40 Hour Training Course, which is OSHA accepted for online distributions, will have the knowledge that will protect both themselves and the workers that are working at hazardous sites throughout the nation. Hazwoper program was developed in an effort to educate and protect the workers who are employed at hazardous sites and have also devised prolific mandatory regulations that will ensure both safety and health of workplace and workers.

The web address with the information about Hazwoper 24 and 40 Hour Safety Training as well as the toll-free telephone number is listed below.http://www.onlineoshasafetytraining.com

1-877-827-3812 Online OSHA Safety Training Toll-Free Number.

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Online OSHA Safety Training is committed to provide General Industry Outreach Training Program for an individual who is seeking employment in this field. Also we provide Hazwoper safety training courses either online immediately or onsite relatively expeditiously makes Online OSHA Safety Training a beacon of light and hope in the country’s darkest hour. Please visit at http://www.onlineoshasafetytraining.com

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