ERP implementation: Decision-makers must take the right decision

Attractive ROI from ERP implementation

Even in today’s Internet era, there are companies that work on paper based management systems like books and registers or spreadsheets applications such as Excel and in some cases using customized stand alone software developed internally or installed by an outsider. If your business is a newly established one, the above facilities will help you up to an extent till some expansion happens in the business process.

The real challenged faced by business houses today is the management of huge and tremendously growing information data, whether it is financial transactions data, inventory data, production information, vendor data, employee database or even emails. Inappropriate management of this information data can have serious business implications; like incorrect invoices leads to delayed payments from customers or taxation issues; wrong inventory levels lead to hassles at production bays; overstock locks up much needed working capital; inappropriate production schedules lead to wasted man-hours, delayed productions and deliveries degrade customer satisfaction levels etc. This all will eventually affect the growth of business process in an organization.

Indecision among the decision makers is the one of the most common problems found during the ERP implementation. In some cases people at the management level users at the other employee level can’t take a right decision about an ERP implementation. Improper training also leads to incorrect usage or no usage of an ERP project. Finding a suitable ERP and its training methods are very important for a success of an ERP project. eresource ERP with its successful implementation method as well as excellent training session to the users had made its stamp the field. When an organization decided to go for web-based ERP solution, it is turning to path of a successful business solution.

It is also fact that in normal course the ERP being a magic mantra, some companies have different experiences with it. The reasons can be manifold. What everyone should realise about ERP system is that and there are no conclusive reasons which can be singled out for the success/failure of an ERP deployment. There may be numerous reasons for the failure of an ERP implementation. Therefore there companies must do proper revaluation of an ERP system that is being planned. We are sure if you have done the evaluation in a proper manner there will be hardly any reason that could make your ERP implementation a failure.

Number of case studies conducted on eresource customers have revealed that all have been benefited financially by improving efficiencies. eresource ERP System enabled automation expedited tasks like preparation of customer quotations, multi-tax invoices, accounts reconciliation etc.

Our ERP systems permit organizational standardization across different locations. As a result, those locations with substandard processes can be brought in line with other more efficient processes.

Moreover, the firm can show a single image to the outside world. Rather than receiving different documents when a firm deals with different branches or plants, a single common view can be presented to the world; one that puts forth the best image.

eresource ERP is here to help you succeed in your business mission. We are just a call away. Don’t wait any more. Call us now.

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