Adopts No-Smoke Zone at Offices: Better Health, Efficiencies Expected has cleared the air around our offices! Smoking is no longer allowed anywhere on our campus, and we are delighted. Some of seriously tobacco-hooked staff may indeed complain temporarily about having to walk 100 feet to light up. However, their improved health will pay off for them, for us, and for our customers.

We know smoking’s serious health threats, and so do our employees. They can hardly miss it! Accordingly, we long since banned smoking indoors. The inevitable vociferous complaints were far outbalanced by our staff’s increased stamina. Now, adopts the fine example of major educational institutions, such as the City University of New York, in implementing this new policy.

Among other colleges, they have prohibited smoking within 100 feet of their facilities. This sounds sensible to us, and has done likewise. Yes, the walk will be unpleasant in nasty weather, but if it motivates employees to quit, so much the better. The high costs of smoking, personally, professionally, and for the corporation, justify this draconian measure. will, naturally, continue other inducements, such as bonuses for quitting for over a month, and subsidies for medically approved methods. You can read more about all’s efforts to support employee health at our website,

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