Eurozone Fears Open Opportunities For Penny Stock Investors In US

A new posting at CNN reported that investors are ignoring stocks and remain concerned about problems in Europe and worries with a slowing economy.

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However that provides some interesting, highly profitable opportunities for penny stock investors

And mutual funds in the United States lost over $600 million during the week ended June 13, according to the CNN report, as investors exit the stock market.

However is that the whole story? Are there also some major opportunities in this period of stock market uncertainty?

In the final week of May in fact, investors actually added investment funds to the market even though it was the worst month in two years for stocks, which indicates that some investors looking for penny stock opportunities quite apart from great quality higher priced stocks are still in the market to buy.

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Concerns about Europe’s debt crisis, Spain’s banks and Greece’s efforts to renegotiate its bailout will keep investors on edge for some time. Toss in today’s reports that signaled a slowdown in the global economy and you’ve got the perfect conditions for choppy trading to continue.

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