Exciting New Breakthrough Comes to High Quality Education

Flat Rock, Michigan February 17, 2010—An exciting new breakthrough in high quality education is effecting new pathways to learning for all K-12 students. Completecurriculum.com, an innovate pioneer in digital home schooling curriculum, has partnered with educators, professional school teachers, and administrators to develop compelling educational material through a bevy of customizable and engaging methods.

In order to receive high quality education, it’s been the usual method for parents to send their children to private schools or be fortunate enough to send them to a public school that fostered higher learning. However, in today’s advanced digitized era, engaging students’ minds requires more interactivity, creativity and a format that they enjoy using. New homeschool worksheets are completed by custom digital textbooks, meaning that the student is able to interact with the material in a more learning-conducive environment and format. The advantages of digital textbooks include the ability for students to search through their textbooks to find exactly what they need, and the ability to access their texts virtually anywhere.

Completecurriculum.com offers K 12 Instruction, and can be customized to fit each student’s individual preferences and learning abilities. Often within a classroom setting, the students outnumber the teacher by a margin of 20 to 1 or more. The result is that individual students slip through the cracks as the teacher simply cannot afford to spend time with each student to ensure they truly understand the lesson. With custom textbooks in the K 12 homeschool curriculum, however, the focus is squarely on one student. The instruction is tailored to that student’s speed and aptitude.

As students grasp the benefits of learning at their own pace, in a format and environment that they are familiar with and associate with fun, their education can grow by leaps and bounds. The traditional walls that have kept students from learning through their individuality no longer have to keep them from attaining a high quality education. Instead, completecurriculum.com’s exciting new breakthrough in homeschooling can provide students with high quality education, without compromising the quality of K-12 instruction.

Complete Curriculum’s K-12 Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies digital textbooks provide teachers and parent’s quality, affordable, accessible digital educational content. The content is provided in an easily downloadable format accessible through a user friendly web based bookshelf that allows the instructor to customize instruction while engaging the student through the development use of 21st century skills. By blending academic, social and interpersonal skill development, Complete Curriculum’s digital texts afford educators and parent the opportunity to effectively impact a student’s ability to accelerate – in and out of the classroom.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.completecurriculum.com , or contact Alison Cancilliari PO Box 45, Flat Rock, MI 48134, or by telephone at 1-888-675-8398.

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