Experienced Or Not There Are Things The Los Angeles Motorcycle Rider Needs To Know

Today motorcycle riders are everywhere, especially California, and the popularity of bikes of all types, from Cathay Racers, to Harley Hogs, are increasing; this is for two reasons; the first is because warm weather is here and the freedom they offer lures people to become riders. The second reason is with rising gas prices motorcycle riders can save money. Experienced or not, there are things the Los Angeles motorcycle accident rider needs to know.

To prove this point since price of new cars and began to rise in the 1990’s so have the number of registered motorcycles. While this sounds like great reasons for having a motorcycle there are some statistics that are rather upsetting for riders and their families, these are from the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration.

This shows that out of the highway fatalities approximately 5% are motorcycle riders every year and when the number of registered motorcycles are compared with vehicles in the United States they equal to only 2% of registered vehicles. This also showed that approximately 80% of reported motorcycle accidents there was either injuries or fatalities. When this figure was compared with auto accidents the comparable figure was approximately 20%.

These statistics show what motorcycle riders both experienced and inexperienced already know, there is little protection between them and the road. A motorcycle cannot provide the protection that an auto can, there is no seatbelts, no airbags and most importantly there is no metal surrounding you to take the impact of a crash. Injuries are not just road rash, they include wrongful death on a motorcycle, as well as head on collisions that result in brain injuries.

There are important things that motorcycle riders can do to protect themselves from being a part of these statistics to be prepared and be safe. To help with this there are tips and other educating items that are provided by the Orange County motorcycle attorney Michael P. Ehline. Watch the motorcycle accident attorney video to learn more.

The first thing that a motorcycle rider should know and consider is that while helmets may not be required in some states the statistics for motorcycle crash fatalities rise dramatically for rider without a helmet. Helmets along with the leather jackets and slacks that are made for bikers can protect the rider as much as possible.

Due to the different conditions and unseen dangers that can occur at a moments notice is why helmets and other headgear should be worn, they can protect in the case of a crash and they can also protect from elements such as rain, wind and bugs. These conditions often are the reasons that experienced motorcycle riders choose a full face shield and while there are rumors that circulate from time to time that wearing a helmet can increase the risk of having a neck injury because of extra weight, this of course is false, in fact the opposite is true, a helmet can protect against head and neck injuries in a crash.

Wearing a helmet that is brightly colored will also ensure that a motorist that might now have seen the rider will.

There are some states that do not require helmets and there are riders that feel this is pure freedom and do not wear a helmet, in this case the rider should at lease wear sunglasses or goggles to protect the eyes from wind, road dust and other debris that might obstruct the vision. This is also true of riders whose motorcycle have a windshield, while that can protect from some things there is still enough of a chance of something getting by that having glasses can protect the eyes.

There are motorcycle rider training courses that teach how to operate a motorcycle safely. There are certain rules that a motorcycle rider needs to follow more closely than the driver of an auto. The motorcycle rider needs to remember that they need to be visible to other drivers, the need to be aware of vehicles backing up, such as those in a driveway because in many cases they may not be visible to the vehicle backing up. There are also blind spots in some large vehicles and these motorcycle training courses will educate the rider to these facts.

There are also other things that can be learn as motorcyclists must know what to do when faced with other situations such as obstacles on the roadways, dealing with slippery surfaces and dealing with inclement weather. The motorcyclist will find that they need to be prepared for these possibilities on the road at a moments notice.

There are other things that can be worn to give the motorcyclists protection such as leather jackets and pants, or clothes made of synthetic material, the wearing of shorts and blue jeans are not a wise idea, in the case of shorts there is no protection on the legs and blue jeans while popular in an accident can cause more friction on the body when it meets pavement. Pants also should not have any type of flare to the legs or be baggy; this is because a flared pant can get caught in several places on the bike such as the chain, the kick-start or even foot pegs.

Gloves are another piece of clothing that needs to be considered, there are many different kinds of gloves and for riding there are made with stripes that grip, there are ones that also have leather palms and these are perfect for riding, there are also ones that are made to cover the end of the sleeves that will keep wind out. The gloves have to be considered carefully as there are different gloves for different types of weather, such as ones that are good for rain.

The next thing that needs to be considered by the rider is what they wear on their feet, this is going to protect not only the feet but also the ankles and lower legs. For this many riders choose boots made of leather and this of course is the best choice for protection when riding. The next choice would be a type of shoes that go above the ankles and to not have laces that will hang down.

There are shoes that should be avoided when riding a motorcycle and these are sandals because they of course offer no protection, sneakers because they have laces that can become a problem as well as the lack of protection, this also is true of any kind of laced shoes. This kind of footwear would offer no protection against injury and can even cause accidents should the laces become tangled in the bike.

This is also something that could be looked at should the rider be involved in an accident, insurance companies can be tough when it comes to settlements and if the clothing worn could have contributed to the injuries sustained they may try to use it against the injured rider.

Some of the other things that experienced riders might wear and their thoughts that they often relay to new riders, some riders wear vests that are made of reflective material. These can be seen not only at night when it is more difficult to see a motorcycle but also should it be dreary and raining.

Many riders also use their headlight when ever they ride not just at night, this tends to make them more visible, along with bight colors on the helmet and upper body wear. There are also many motorcycles on the market today that are brightly colored and this is a choice of many riders because of the visibility factor.

When a motorcycle rider is in an accident they should relate to their motorcycle accident attorney not only the circumstances the accident happened under but also what they were wearing at the time such as the type of protective gear and the proper footwear. These can be important factors to prove that the rider was the safest possible and in no way negligent.

There are also the statistics that show many riders are involved in accidents and of these many are properly protected and when a rider is in an accident there are steps they should take. First of course they should seek medical treatment because even a slight accident on a motorcycle can have severe injuries. Their next step should be to find an experienced motorcycle attorney, this attorney will have the experts and the knowledge to take pictures of the accident scene prior to evidence wearing away from traffic and weather elements. They will also recreate the accident scene if needed to prove your case and when this motorcycle accident occurs the most experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney is whom you need.

There is more information that has information about motorcycle safety on the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administrations website. Experienced Or Not There Are Things The Los Angeles Motorcycle Rider Needs To Know and if the above website did not address your issues, contact experienced and aggressive Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys. The Law Offices of Michael P. Ehline, P.C., are always ready for your call 24 hours, 7 days per week.

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