Facilitative Website of PST Merge Tool which Helps Join Archives

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 20, 2011: – The website (http://www.pstmerge.com/join-archives.html) of the PST Merge tool renders some very facilitative features that help the users in exploring the knowledge about the software easily with the aid of the very attractive and useful menu bar of the website.
The menu bar features a home page, demo page, etc. The overview page of the website shows you the basic knowledge of the software functionality, why it is used and the features, the added benefits the tool renders with brief description. The download page of the tool directs you to the page where you get detailed information about the demonstration version of the PST Merge tool used to join archives Outlook mail client creates.
The download button will be viewable to the user which when clicked starts the download of the free of cost version used for the illustration of the tool functionalities. Whereas the “buy now” page directs you to a page where you get to know what all facilities are provided under the purchasable version and the information of the licenses under which the PST Merge tool is buyable.
The screenshots is the page that will illustrate you the process to join archives of PST format in image form. The page will have step by step screen captures of the functional tool which will help the users to get an idea of the reliable workability.
On the other hand the how it works page has the screen captures with descriptions on each image. Other than these; the website features the support section which will help you to contact the support team in case of any query. To check the genuineness you can also review the client testimonials that tell you different stories of different users who ever used PST Merge tool to join archives or for any other featured purpose.
Words by Evan Swans: – “The website plays an important role in introducing our software’s to the users and defining the importance and usage of the tool. The PST Merge tool has a very attractive website and the credit is deserved by the web team who is responsible for designing the site.”

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