Fast and Efficient TI DSP Emulator Board

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded ( recommends its fast and efficient emulator board with extending capability. A DSP extending USB interface makes it convenient to use with any daughter card such as BOOTLOADER card, extended RAM, extended AD/DA or network card. This emulator board uses a TMS320VC5410A fixed-point DSP operating at a primary frequency of 160MHz. It is designed for high performance TI DSP systems and has been widely used in product development, study, scientific research and experimentation. For a limited time, its price has been reduced to US$496.00.
GAO Embedded’s EVM5410+XDS510 emulator board easily integrates with advanced peripherals, such as A/D sampling cards, storage cards and network cards, to satisfy specific requirements. It supports ‘C6XXX, ‘C5XXX, ‘C2XXX and VC33X and enables users to easily debug DSP systems. This emulator board includes four LED status indicators for power, internal JTAG ON, XF and DSP timer output. It has an analog signal I/O port for convenient connection with other signal sources. In addition, the integrated JTAG control circuits allow users to use CCS without an external emulator.
This emulator board belongs to GAO Embedded’s popular line of TI DSP evaluation board.
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