February 8, 2007: LAWFUEL – New Zealand Law News – Russell McVea…

February 8, 2007: LAWFUEL – New Zealand Law News – Russell McVeagh Partner Ed Crook’s membership of The College of Law New Zealand’s Board was welcomed by the College’s Chair, Ian Haynes.

Mr Haynes said Mr Crook’s commitment to the importance of high quality and ongoing legal education would be invaluable to both College staff and the many legal practitioners continuing their legal educations with the College.

“Ed’s membership of the Board serves as yet another example of the pre-eminence of The College of Law New Zealand’s Professional Legal Studies Course,” he said.

Mr Crook’s legal experience has led to his current role at Russell McVeagh as Partner responsible for numerous high profile corporate developments and acquisitions.

Mr Crook obtained First Class Honours in Law at Cambridge University. He was admitted to the Bar in England and Wales in 1996 and in New Zealand in 2001. He was made a Partner at Russell McVeagh in 2004.

Mr Crook said he was attracted to The College of Law New Zealand primarily by reason of it bringing accountability and a competitive environment to the provision of the Professional Legal Studies Course. The College led the way with online education which has provided a very substantial benefit to those undertaking the course and the stakeholders behind them.

However Mr Crook also found appealing the College’s broad reach across some of the world’s largest common law legal markets – as a member of The College of Law Alliance which encompasses The College of Law in Australia and The College of Law in England and Wales.

“Having relocated from the UK to New Zealand, I am convinced there is a substantial benefit to the course provider in New Zealand in being able to take advantage of lessons learned and experiences enjoyed in the other jurisdictions.”

“The College of Law Alliance goes a long way towards bringing about greater collaboration between legal educators that operate in common law markets.”

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