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There are numerous smoking cessation products on the market. These are purchased in the form of patches, gums, strips or lozenges. All the products deliver nicotine in some amount. The use of any of these products comes with a litany of safety warnings and possible side effects such as dizziness, nausea, tingling and numbness in the mouth, etc. These cessation products may satisfy the craving for nicotine – but in a most ungratifying way. With these products the user has little control over the amount of the nicotine that they receive.

There is another solution that is safer, cleaner and cheaper – The Safe Cig! The Safe Cig provides the satisfaction and enjoyment of smoking in a clean vapor. Even though there is no preeminent study that proves this perception, there is anecdotal evidence that consumers do Purchase Electronic Cigarettesto kick the nicotine habit.

electronic ciagrettes are the solution for any current smoker that wants all the gratification of a cigarette to quit smoking. With The Safe Cig, the user is in control of how much or how little nicotine they wish to imbibe. The Safe Cig gives the individual freedom of choice in six nicotine levels – from 24 mgs to 0 mgs.

Since there is no flame, even at the highest concentration of nicotine, the smoker inhales about one percent of what they would with a traditional tobacco product. This is why The Safe Cig is perfect for the individual who wants to quit by use of the step down method in nicotine concentration. It is also perfect for the smoker that just wants a safer alternative to traditional tobacco.

Additionally, there is no sacrifice of flavor as with other smoking cessation products. The Safe Cig is available in three flavors; Traditional, Classic and Menthol. Traditional offers the consumer a bold, robust taste. The Classic has a smoother & lighter flavor but still is exhilarating to the taste buds. The Menthol Flavor is a robust, cooling experience.

To further improve upon the taste experience, the cartridge was built with a special “catcher” – another first in the electronic cigarette industry. The catcher has been designed to prevent the Safe Cig’s refills from leaking liquid into the customer’s mouth before vaporizing. There is no other refill cartridge in the world with this feature and The Safe Cig is proud to offer such a superior product.

Enjoy the Safe Cig, the first company that brought electronic cigarettes to America!

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