Firms Demanding Outlook to Lotus Notes Tools to Avail Notes Replication Feature

Facility to create local mail replicas in Lotus Notes makes it a better email program than MS Outlook. Many organizations want to use this feature and so transferring their email data from Outlook to Lotus Notes

Madrid, Spain, January 29, 2010 – Replication is Lotus Notes is a great benefit, as it brings with it a lot of flexibility to use Notes email databases. This facility to keep multiple copies or replicas of one single database on multiple servers or workstations helps users to access any specific information on different networks at different locations.

Compared to Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes email environment is better suited in large set ups.

Many organizations are now favoring their users to work with local mail replicas in Lotus Notes for many beneficial reasons. This preference had led to the increased demand for Outlook to Lotus Notes conversion tools by the firms who had been using MS Outlook and now want to shift from Outlook to Notes.

Outlook users (who want to switch to Lotus Notes) need to convert their email data from Outlook to Lotus Notes. So, they need Outlook to Notes conversion software.

Third-party software tools help to Convert Outlook to Lotus Notes easily. SysTools Outlook to Notes software is one such simple and intuitive product to migrate Outlook to Lotus Notes. This software is widely used for this email conversion from Outlook to Lotus Notes.

About SysTools – SysTools is a software development company that produces products for different data related aspects and email conversion is one of the many aspects covered by the company. SysTools Outlook to Notes software is one of the SysTools offerings for MS Outlook to Lotus Notes conversion. This Outlook to Lotus Notes software is used for transferring Outlook email data to Notes.

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