Florida Attorney General Writes to BP Regarding Oil Spill

Attorney General McCollum today sent a letter to BP regarding the company’s response to the Attorney General’s May 20th request that any damages caused by hurricanes or tropical storms as a result of the oil spill be covered by the company. The Attorney General said he was disturbed by the response and called it “at best, unclear,” and repeated his demand that BP provide
assurances that the company will pay for additional damage caused by oil
contamination in the event of a storm.

The Attorney General also sent a letter to the company’s general counsel
regarding the arrest of several illegal immigrants who had been hired by
companies subcontracted to address the oil spill response efforts. The
Attorney General reminded BP that many local workers’ livelihoods had been
disrupted by the oil spill and urged the company to hire locally whenever

“With more than1.1. million Floridians currently out of work, and even more underemployed, there is no shortage of Florida workers available to tap forthese emergency efforts,” wrote the Attorney General.

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