Following Traditions with The Writing Company Opens Its Own Library

Summary: opens its own library to help its writers conduct comprehensive academic research.
They say that there’s nothing as promising as starting a good book and nothing as definitive as closing it. Unfortunately, it has become a rare practice in the last decade or so since the spread of electronic libraries has made the collecting of books unnecessary to some extent. Still, a tradition is what holds the parts of our life together and helps us manage changes and troubles. This is why the company management of has decided to follow the aforementioned tradition and establish an library available for the authors of the custom writing service.
The entire hall of the office was cleared to accommodate two dozen bookcases of enormous size: from the floor up to the very ceiling. Now only a half of their shelves are full but the library is replenished quickly. A brief tour along the walls of the library allowed us to find Ancient Greek tragedies, The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius and a complete collection of Shakespeare’s works.
“Yeah, you may find it inconvenient to go to the adjacent room for a book while it can be found on the Internet.” shares one of the writers. “But you know, you just can’t compare working with an electronic book with this feeling… It’s like a man and his ghost: when you open a real book you feel that it is alive.”
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