For those of you who don’t know that LawFuel is published down here in…

For those of you who don’t know that LawFuel is published down here in New Zealand, we re-inform you of that fact. And in the course of preparing the first of several country reports on the state of the law jobs market, we see New Zealand and Australia right up there in terms of skills shortages, including lawyers. – The Law Jobs Blog – The law, like most professions and all trades, is increasingly global and the borderless workforce is moving with increasing velocity to markets in the UK, US, China and Asia generally, Dubai and the Mid-East generally and elsewhere. And, while that’s good for law graduates and younger lawyers, it places many law firms in despair. They lose some of their best and brightest, maybe forever.

What to do? One of the key points of interest for law firms down under, and in many other jurisdictions, is to make their firms compelling places to not only go to, but to stay in. Retaining lawyers has become as much a key imperative as recruiting them. And as the baby boomers approach their retirement exits, the need to replace them – or keep them on – becomes all the more critical.

It’s a major issue as the Western World’s population growth stagnates, or even declines, and the qualified workforce drifts towards the points of high-activity and big money.

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