Free webinar on Accelerate Time to Business Outcomes through BPM

May 9 2011 – Featuring guest speaker Clay Richardson, a leading expert in Business Process Management, from independent research firm, Forrester Research Inc., as he explains how the use of BPM based solutions can help you meet your business goals and transform your business.
Attendants of the webinar can expect to receive training and information which would help them focus their organization to serve their customers well, while increasing their productivity and profitability. BPM has long been considered as a preferred way forward for organization of varied sizes to help increase their process and profitability in an increasingly competitive market.
The idea of (business) process is as traditional as concepts of tasks, department, production, outputs. The current management and improvement approach, with formal definitions and technical modeling, has been around since the early 1990s. The term ‘business process’ is often used as synonymous of management of middleware processes; or integrating application software tasks.
BPM can be used to understand organizations through expanded views that would not otherwise be available to organize and present. These views include the relationships of processes to each other which, when included in a process model, provide for advanced reporting and analysis that would not otherwise be available. BPM is regarded by some as the backbone of enterprise content management.
The webinar will also feature Anand Raman, VP-Marketing from Newgen, who will walk you through two BPM case studies where
• A leading bank reduced its customer on-boarding time by 60% within three months
• A leading Insurance firm achieved an increase in productivity by 250%

Join the webinar and gain insights on how BPM based suites can help you to:
• Achieve business results in one business quarter
• Achieve Agility and market responsiveness
• Increase Customer delight
• Ensure Adherence to Regulatory Compliance
• Scale capacities for managing growth
• Reduce Cycle Times
• Manage cost and productivity

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