Furniture Removals Melbourne: Two Men And A Truck In Melbourne

Two Men and a Truck ( is residential and office relocation specialist company with head office in Sydney. Through its moving services

Melbourne office, it provides relocation and moving services to the people in and around Melbourne.

It does not consider itself to be only a specialist furniture removals Melbourne company, but prides itself as a removalists

Melbourne company that “also specialises in relocating units, houses, and apartments, offices, warehouse and factories, internal offices, home moves as well as single

items,” as its spokesperson said.

Speaking about their company in its Melbourne office, the spokesperson added, “Despite our name being Two Men and a Truck, we are able to supply our clients with

whatever combination of men and trucks they need to ensure their move is done with minimal fuss and with no stress.”

Its removals Melbourne office has the following combination of trucks and men to help relocate and move: a UTE and 2 men, a

three tonne truck with 2 men, a six tonne truck with 2 men, another with 3 men, and a nine tonne truck with 4 men.

“All the men are removal and moving specialists and the vehicles are strong enough to handle all the rough it may need to go through,” said the spokesperson of this

moving services Melbourne company.

The company is confident of meeting all the relocating and moving requirements of its clients, whether the move is a short distance move or across the states.

“Whether it is a big move or a small one, we are your one stop moving shop,” says the spokesperson, further adding, “whether it is relocating houses and apartments,

offices, warehouses, factories, internal office, home moves, or simply relocating single items, Two Men and a Truck is a top-of-the-line expert in removals.”

This professional movers Melbourne relocation Specialist Company has crew that accommodates all the needs of its clients without fuss. They also provide dismantling as

well as reassembling services for furniture.

Whether as a moving service Melbourne company or as specialist removalists in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, or Gold Coast, Two Men and a Truck is proud of its

reputation as professionals. “Our years in removal industry have allowed us to fine-tune the moving process, giving us the ability to make your move easy and stress

free,” said their spokesperson.

Two Men and a Truck is a member of the Australian Furniture Removals Association.

It recommends that the clients take out a ‘door to door’ insurance cover for goods during the transit. This despite the fact, as their spokesperson puts it, that “Our

teams will always take every care to protect your goods in transit and storage. However, there may be circumstances beyond our control.”

Visit and learn about the services Two Men and a Truck offers from its Melbourne office.

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