Gaddafi Dead Video and The End of The Legal Headache – Gaddafi’s Head on a Plate – As the Gaddafi dead video does its inevitable viral spread across the Internet another issue has also died – the legal headache that could have created a major issue for the National Transitional Council (NTC) and the elements of international jurists who would seek Gaddafi’s head on a legal platter.

Libya’s own Minister of Justice has said that the former leader should be tried in Libya and not before an international court, but the international criminal court in the Hague has still issued a warrant for various offences.

A legal compromise could have occurred if Gaddafi had been tried in Tripoli in a trial funded by the United Nations, for instance,but any such compromise would have involved substantial delays and international negotiations that could have lead to friction and legal and political issues.

The other problem is that Libya’s own legal situation is in chaos and would have also lead to major issues. In the meanwhile, the death of the dictator has rid the world and Libya of the issue at all.

The issue now is whether the NPC can develop itself as a credible government for the embattled country.

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