Get Ahead With Promotional Hats!

A lot of businesses will see their spend on promotional items and gifts as a pure marketing issue. If you spend a little time and effort getting your promotional gifts targeted just right, however, then you can also reap a range of advertising benefits into the bargain — without the major costs normally associated with advertising.

Sounds attractive doesn’t it? The fact is, this doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. If you can find a way of giving someone a promotional gift that they use regularly and that other people see then each gift will do an advertising job for you. So, how about promotional hats? How might a surf hat, beanie hat or simple baseball cap help you advertise your business?

This isn’t rocket science to be honest. Give somebody a promotional hat and every time they wear it they’ll be a walking advert for your business, product or service. This isn’t so much about getting them to buy from you but more about the impact that they can have on your behalf with other people by wearing the hat in the first place.

Let’s say you run your own surf shop. Every time you sell a board you give away a free surf hat with your name and logo on it. Sun comes out, surfer wears hat. Surfer wears hat, others see your name and logo. It’s hard to know just how big your advertising reach could be here but you could potentially get your business noticed by hundreds of people every time one person wears a hat.

Promotional hats can also give you a different slant in promotional gift terms. This kind of giveaway gift is often simply perceived as being of higher value than others by many people. Even those who are relatively immune to being given this kind of stuff will think twice about not using a hat or throwing it away.

This perceived value could be what sits your promotional hat on somebody’s head. Once it is there it may simply become a hat to them but, to the people they talk to, spend time with and even simply pass by, it is a mobile advert for your business!

About Us: is a Sydney based company established in 2006 and is 100% Australian-owned. We specialise in providing creative promotional product solutions to an impressive list of local and global based clients. We understand that your brand is an asset; your aims, products, services and processes are unique; so your promotional ideas should be too. That’s why at Red Fish we always add value and passion to whatever we do.

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