Getting The Most From Aion Accounts

Aion: The Tower of Eternity, also known as Aion, is rated by gaming communities and gaming experts as the most remarkable and stunning game to be released to date. Its mind blowing graphics definitely going to take your gaming experience to a higher level, by offering extensive and intensive control over your viewpoint to get started to playing Aion with game enthusiasts all over the world, you need to make an Aion account first To make an Aion trial account, you need to register on the official website of wow account. Over there you need to select a valid username and password. With your trial Aion account, you can get access to only a limited feature of the game. To get access to the game in totality, you need to pay a nominal monthly subscription fee. To play Aion, you need to install the game on your computer. You can either download the game from the internet or but it from an online store. Else you can also buy the game in the DVD form, from a video game store near you.

Your Aion account, you can get access to four primary classes and eight specialized classes in the game. With their Aion accounts players can begin the game as humans of the world they choose who are basic raiders. They are given small tasks to accomplish. The players then travel to their respective capital cities to begin new lives over there as holy servants of their respective people. Even though the linear progression of the different worlds, their landscapes and their characters are same, the story and the tone of Aion differ between different worlds. The game combines PvP and PvE in a fantasy game environment. The base processes involve learning forms of crafting of all the six available with your Aion account which are weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, handcrafting, tailoring, alchemy, and cooking. The players can learn all six crafting professions but they can master only two forms of these.

Your Aion accounts give access to the complete features of the game. Your Aion account offers you the unique feature of a player versus player aerial combat. This feature of Aion is one of the greatest reasons for the success of Aion worldwide. Aion surpasses the standards of all their previous MMORPG gaming experiences of gamers in North America, Europe and Australia. Aion offers the amazing depiction of a midair battle, along with a character ability of flight and wings. This is a feature which MMORPG gaming fan should watch out for. Aion offers a remarkable realistic detailing in its character customization, through which you will be able to fashion your character to the highest extent of customization than ever before. Moreover, Aion offers a fantastic storyline which enhances the pleasure of the role-playing aspect of the game. The storyline of Aion: The Tower of Eternity is set in the virtual world known as Atreia, ruled by a creator god named Aion. Aion offers you to develop and unlock new and higher level of skills, as you progress through its chain.

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