Global Credit Solutions & International Risk Solutions

25 July 2011 – The Board of Global Credit Solutions Pty Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Wood to Managing Director of Global Credit Solutions Pty Ltd, with effect from 1 July 2011.

Neil Wood, the company’s Managing Director and Chairman will continue as Group Managing Director and Chairman of GCS Group and Global Credit Solutions Pty Ltd.

An expert in credit and risk management, Adam has had an interesting working career that included more than a year with four of the largest collection agencies in the USA during which he gained invaluable experience in all facets of the industry, he then travelled & worked across the UK Europe, and Hong Kong before returning to Australia.

On his return to Australia Adam was recruited by Arthur Anderson and joined the Business Fraud Investigation Services (BFIS) Unit, spending two years as an understudy to the former head of the Australian Federal Police Major Fraud Unit, Paul MacKellar.

During his tenure overseas and whilst at Arthur Anderson, Adam went onto to obtain Diplomas in ‘Financial Services’, and ‘Security & Risk Management’. Adam who is a director of both GCS Group and GCS Australia brings a high level of expertise to his role in which and says he is relishing the opportunity to continue the work Neil started many years ago and still remain in touch with the day to day running of GCS Group of which he is a director.

Neil Wood said he was delighted that Adam would now be carrying on the work that was so important to the continuing growth and expansion of the group and was pleased to have his son assume some of his duties. He stated he believed it will lead to a greater involvement of Adam within GCS Group.

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