Goldendoodle Sally is Wins the Gold Medal

Goldendoodle Sally is Wins the Gold Medal

A Sevierville TN organization cooked up a fun run not for themselves but for different breeds of canines! The park where the organizers chose to hold the marathon for their pets were filled with about a hundred of different breeds of dogs, it was a feast!

But out of all the doggy participants, one dog stole the show from the rest by falling asleep during the run! It was Alison Campbell’s, two year old goldendoodle, Sally! Sally was from Countryside doodles , who is proudly the home of the goldendoodle! You can also find English Crème & Mini Goldendoodles puppies for sale in Countryside doodles.

To the surprise of the organizers and spectators, Campbell’s pet slowed down right after finishing the first lap, the race was made up of seven laps. After slowing down, the adorable puppy sat down, moaned and in a few seconds fell asleep.

Campbell was amazed and surprised with her pets demeanor but did not bother to wake it up. While the audience was looking out for the fastest canine who will finish the race, Sally suddenly woke up and ran the fastest she could passing past all her co-competitors! Can you guess what happened after?

Yes, Sally after dozing off for a few minutes finished the race first! Nobody can explain what happened to this goldendoodle who won the Gold Medal! Aside from its owner Alice, Countyside Doodles Puppies is the proudest of Sally’s achievement. They have again proven that they breed only the champions!

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