Granny Flat Builders provide Sydney customers with well-designed Granny Flats

Granny Flat Builders provide Sydney customers with well-designed Granny Flats, Modular Kit Homes (granny flats), extension, studios and home offices, at very affordable prices. We build outstanding quality homes using the best-licensed tradesmen. This ensures we deliver your granny flat on time and on budget.
We provide 2 options for our clients –
1. Our amazing and very affordable Kit homes which allow us to spend little time on site with little mess
2. We also custom design and construct granny flats the traditional way on your site.
Granny Flat Builders have shown many clients how they can achieve a high rental return, which is greater than the cost of their property mortgage.
Contact us and we can help you by:
• Building a Granny Flat or modular kit home on your existing property, or
• Locate and offer you a suitable investment property for you to purchase and building a Granny Flat on

Granny Flat Builders in conjunction with Pace Equity & Property Investments source residential investment properties for clients and build granny flats on them to achieve positively geared returns. We also construct on your existing property and manage the whole process for you.
Book a meeting with us at our office in Enfield or join us at our next FREE information evening.


No need to worry or wonder where to start as we have done all the hard work for you.
 First we find you the right investment property that we can place a Granny Flat on it to achieve high yield returns or
we review your existing property and advice you where you can place a granny flat on your property.
• We manage the fast approval within 10 Days from submitting of drawings (NSW Comply and development policy)
• We provide all the services you need from design and architectural at affordable price
• We managing council or private certifier approvals
• Manage your construction program
• We can also assist you with finance for the property purchase and/or Granny Flat construction
• We also provide property management service and can find a tenant to rent your granny flat if its an investment property.
Book a time to visit us at our New Granny Flat show home in Colyton or view our Designs floor plans online and select from our diverse range of architectural design granny flats, kit homes, studios & multi-purpose rooms.

All our Granny flats have been designed to fit most properties in Sydney to ensure fast approval. Our Architect can also design a unique granny flat to fit your property and taste.

Be sure to ask us about our amazing modular kit homes for super fast installation and very affordable pricing.

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