Handheld Transmission Performance Analyzer

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) has released this handheld digital transmission analyzer which is used for measuring the error rate of data communication and for the analysis of line faults and their causes. It is well-suited for routine maintenance of 2M systems and N×64K communication channels. This analyzer also can be used to test digital channels with 2Mbit/s interfaces, equi-directional 64kbit/s interfaces, or other interfaces such as V.24/V.28/RS232, V.35, V.36, RS449, X.21, RS485, EIA530, EIA530A.
This handheld digital transmission analyzer, model A0300005, supports multi-task operation and performs background tests allowing the user to review previous records. It stores as many as nine test settings and twenty groups of test results in its on-board memory to avoid data loss in the event of power failure. The test results can be transmitted to a computer for storage, analysis and printing. This analyzer is configured with an internal rechargeable battery which enables continuous operation of more than eight hours.
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About GAO Instruments
GAO Instruments is a leading provider of telecom instruments testers, optical and electronic measurement instruments, and other electronic products that serve the needs of electronic professionals internationally.

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