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“Lightness of being is to celebrate and live intensively each moment and allow life to catch you by surprise and suddenly carry you.”

Some people have found their inner essence, they have had a eureka experience that has left them transformed. My partner in creating our wonderful tree essences, Celine Cloutier, is one of these fortunate ones. And this being at home in consciousness gives a specially beautifully quality to all of her work with essences, meditation, conflict resolution, mediation and as an emotional health consultant.

Celine Cloutier’s work is about seeing people for the potential of who they truly are and by consequence seeing them as fulfilled and happy. Her one to one consultations and group trainings in Emotional Health, Conflict Resolution and the use of Vibrational Tree Essences have, over the years, helped transform hundreds of people in Canada, USA and Europe.

Her return to her own essence occurred on 4th of July 1999. This direct awakening experience has given her the insight to use techniques of meditation and conscious dialog to bring to light the obstacles blocking each person attaining their total potential and enlightenment.

Celine’s dedication to people began in the early 1980’s when she discovered meditation and consciousness. She realized that life had potential beyond what the mind allowed each of us to perceive and that re-connecting to Inner peace was possible! She explored these themes through her personal meditation practice, completing a B.A. in Psychology, attending weekly personal consultations in Jungian Psycho-Therapy and raising her son, Jason.

In 1997, Celine met Daniel Tigner who became her partner in the field of Vibrational Healing Essences. Together they co-created Canadian Forest Tree Essences, a full line of essences imbued with the resonance of trees that are in the tradition of Bach Flower Remedies. The tree essences are now used by practitioners all over the world and continue to grow.

After her awakening experience in 1999, Celine began seeing and speaking to people individually or in groups attracted to inner work and seeking ways to transform suffering. She also trained in several fields of alternative healing and in completed her certification as a counselor and facilitator in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at the Institute of Conflict Resolution Studies Ottawa.

All of Celine’s work has an underlying focus on Consciousness and Being: whether it is her continuing work in the business of essences, training practitioners, offering private emotional health consultations or talks about reaching our true potential. Her passion is offering meditation and residence courses to all those who wish to experience more about their inner truth.

To learn more about Celine’s work with essences, meditation, conflict resolution, mediation and as an emotional health consultant, and also to read about the healing qualities of trees and our tree flower essences, visit us at

To contact Celine Cloutier (aka Gulabo) directly, email her at [email protected]

Kind Regards,

Daniel Tigner

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