Hit A Hole In One With Promotional Golf Accessories

Businesses looking for new ideas for their promotional gifts may do well to think about promotional golf accessories as an option. Golfers just love golf kit, accessories and golf related stuff. They also love to network so if you can get one golfer promoting your business on your behalf then many more may come to hear about you! This can work well whether your company operates in the golfing sector or whether you simply have a lot of customers who like to play.

If you work in the golfing sector in some way then promotional golf accessories can be an extremely effective way of branding your own business. A golf pro, for example, could give out branded ball markers to his clients as he takes them through a lesson. They’ll have a handy reminder of who he is and, when they play rounds on their own, the people they play with may also see the name.

Even if you work in a completely unrelated business promotional golf accessories can be a great gift for those who play golf. These kinds of gifts aren’t filed away or thrown away. Golfers love freebies, big or small! So, for example, if you have a few customers who love to play then try giving them golf umbrellas with your name and logo on. These are really useful items to have and, when it rains, your company will be advertised to everyone.

Promotional golf accessories can also be used in a slightly different way to brand your business. More and more businesses are offering sponsorship opportunities to other companies nowadays. Why not approach a local course and ask them if you can sponsor their flags? You can have the flags produced yourself, they’ll raise some extra cash and getting your business name on every hole of a popular course could be a great way of business networking.

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