Home Builders In Texas The Perry Homes, Review

If you’re moving into Texas and trying to find an affordable (ranging from the lower end to the most high end magnolia texas new homes) house, built by professionals then the Perry Homes are among the most respected home builders. Not only on magnolia Texas but they have offices in Huston, Austin, San Antonio, etc as well. They’ve been building homes for over 47 years into the past and have a wide reputation being one of the most successful house building companies within their community. Their houses come with two years of limited warranty (builders warranty in other words) in which it includes workmanship and materials.

And according to them the warranty is twice longer than the standard industry warranties that other builders offer (not just within the magnolia tx real estate builders community but country wide – according to them anyway). Furthermore they say the after pouring the first layer of concrete on the yard their engineers perform tests concerning the soil, etc before preceding with the foundation. And high industrial standards such as these are among the main reasons behind the recent real estate market expansions of the Texas based real state market (not just magnolia tx but other places such as McAllen, Austin, etc as well) without a doubt.

Other important aspects of home building such as heat, air conditioning, etc are heavily monitored by using latest computer based technologies simultaneously with the human observations. The durability is also measured in common “leaky” areas such as air-leaks, etc. These types of manufacture based precautions again prove us the amount of competition that is spreading across the estate of Texas (which perhaps started from within the magnolia real estate builder community at first since it is the home for most of the well respected other builders as well).

For their customers, they give seasonal house maintenance tips such as at spring, things like removing debris (from the air-conditioner and drain pipe checkups, etc), weep holes checking, using heaters for removing minerals, and at summer watering the yard, adjusting sprinkler systems according to the season, etc are just a few to name. But from time to time don’t forget to get their professional help to maintain the house either.

They also have a lots of house plans that can be chosen according to your preferences as well. For example the 4 beds and the 3.5 house plan (2950W – which is a bit similar to the standard magnolia homes Radiant series) which is a two story house that also has an affordable price. The dinning room is covered by ceramic flooring and the near by kitchen consists of granite countertops with 42 inch panel cabinets. The garage has a room for 3 cars which is quite big in comparison of some of the other nearby home designing that I’ve come across (in comparison with magnolia texas homes – the elegant series for instance).

So if you’re searching for magnolia texas real estate (or within the city of Texas in general) and want to get a beautiful looking house to be built for a reasonable price the Perry house builders are among the best without a doubt.

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