Houseboats Could Be A Private And Customized Way To Do Some On Boat Paris

The hub of fashion and beauty, Paris amazingly has both a very modern aura as well as an old chic about it. The French capital, situated on the river Seine is also the largest city of the country. Paris within its administrative limits is considered largely unchanged since 1860. It is one of the world’s leading business and cultural centers and has been ranked among world’s three most important and influential cities in to a Financial Times research, for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010. According to the sources, forty five million tourists visit Paris every year to see its various iconic landmarks and historic places.

River Seine is a major river in the Ile-de-France region. It is 776 km long, rises at Saint-Seine near Dijon in eastern France, flows through Paris into the English Channel. Various cruises are offered for tourists on river Seine. This is a must do activity if you are visiting or planning to visit Paris. Let us put it simply: On bateau à paris is bliss!

The banks of Seine are privy to many famous sights in Paris, including but not limited to the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Orsay museum, Pallais de Chaillot, the Eiffel tower etc. There are old quays lining the river Seine. The river is crossed by many bridges, the oldest bridges are Pont-Neuf and the Passerelle des Arts.

Ever since the Parisii tribe (the early natives of Paris) started out as a fishing village along the banks of river Seine, the great waters have since been flowing smooth at the heart of Paris. Today, the waterway is extensively used for cruising. While commercial boating is done over sixty percent of its length up to Burgundy, recreational boating tours are offered over nearly whole of its length.

Cruising is a great way to see Paris over river Seine. Rental barges and rental houseboats (Paris) are getting immensely popular with tourists as well as natives. When visiting, you could explore a louer peniche Paris and be on your own. If you plan to stay on a cruise longer, another way to pamper yourself is through the rental houseboats Paris offers. Houseboats could be a more private and customized way to do some on boat Paris exploration, if that is what suits you better and you want to try something new.

There is so much to see in Paris, so don’t forget to combine your tour of the city with a cruise, preferably on Seine. The magnificence of historical sightseeing and the sights and sounds of the river will be sure to take you in a world of beauty and romance. The spectacular Paris illuminations at night will engrave a feeling of delight in your heart. The French cuisine will tickle your taste buds and will be sheer bliss. It will prove to be an out worldly experience that will relax you and uplift your spirits, which you will remember orever. After all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever! For more visit

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