How to attract attention through direct mail postcards?

Marketing is the process of establishing a relationship with customers and bringing your products and services to their attention. It helps in keeping existing customers interested in a product or service and maintains a customer base for a product or service. Direct mail postcards have been used for decades by marketers because of a simple reason, they actually work. Direct mail postcards can prove to be an inexpensive way to get your message across to customers and prospects.

But as with any form of direct marketing, a marketer should make sure to optimize their direct mail postcards in every possible way. In your postcard marketing campaigns, you must seek constant improvement as this can prove to be an effective way to get the best return on your investment. When you are mailing to databases of people with whom you have had no connection, sending them the same postcard multiple times will help to increase recognition and eventually result in increasing your response rate. However when you deal with existing customers and prospects who are well aware about your business dealings then you may want to mix things up a bit to keep you postcard fresh.

Your mailings should be attractive and informative. The main aim is to keep your company in the top of their mind without annoying your target with overwhelming them with what they may perceive as junk mail. A good offer that is eye catching with a good call to action which promises value will motivate people to respond. But a mere pretty postcard alone will not. So before focusing on the design of the postcard, you must first concentrate on the big idea and the attractive offer

Postcards are basically a “naked” mail and do not need an envelope which can form a barrier between your prospect and your message. Take care in your postcard design layout and message to ensure an effective direct mail postcard campaign.

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