How to Extend the Life of Your Night Vision Monocular

Compared to other night vision devices, a night vision monocular could cost much less. Perhaps it is because it is simpler and lighter in weight. However, it does not really mean that you should not maintain it. At the very least, you would spend above $100 for a night vision monocular. It is still money, so you might as well take care of it.

Normally, when you buy a night vision monocular, you are going to get a manual along with it. It tells you how the device functions as well as troubleshooting procedures just in case it goes out of whack. If you need more ideas on how to extend the life of your night vision monocular, check out the following:

1. Do not allow dirt to accumulate. If you cannot see clearly through the night vision monocular, do not think that it defective. It could be that the lenses are already accumulating dust or there are smudges. Before and after use, make sure that you can get a clean tissue or cloth to wipe any dirt that stick on your night vision monoculars. You can also use special cleaning pads, those that are intended for lenses only. This also means that you must avoid touching the lenses when you are using the night vision monocular. It has its own adjustment settings when you want to magnify an object.

2. Look for a better source of light. One of the downsides of a night vision monocular is you may not be able to see as clear when it’s compared to using binoculars or goggles. Hence, when you want to obtain the best results from your night vision monocular, you look for a spot where there is enough light. You can go to an open space where there are moon and stars. You can also upgrade your night vision monocular to higher generation such as 2 and 3.

3. Use the daylight filter. Upon buying a night vision goggles or night vision monocular, you would notice that it comes with the daylight filter or lens cap. It has its own purpose, other than to protect the lenses from dust and dirt, they can also prevent extreme heat from causing damage to your lenses. Make sure that the lenses of your night vision monocular are covered when they are not in use. This also goes to say that you should avoid directly looking at the sun or any bright light without the lens caps on. Nevertheless, you may check the functions of your night vision monocular in broad daylight as long as you are also using the daylight filter.

4. Read your manual again. If there are certain issues that you want to address, you may want to check your manual again before you decide to look for solutions somewhere else. If it is not in the manual, the next best option is to call the manufacturer of the night vision monocular. They have their own technical support staff that is equipped to handle your dilemmas.

5. Avoid using the night vision monocular during bad weather. Fog, mist, haze, rain, and other drastic weather conditions will only prevent you from seeing images clearly.

6. Buy it from a good store. You can save yourself a lot of headaches if the night vision monocular will come from a dependable and reputable optical shop, whether it is offline or online. It should offer you limited warranty for the product, as well as sell monoculars from trusted brands.

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