How To Make Your Wow Acounts Secure

The World of Warcraft is also known as WOW. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Blizzard Entertainment. It is one of the most loved and popular three dimensional open environment games with a strong subscriber’s base of 11.5 million. Your world of warcraft accounts bears access to your virtual empire. So it’s very important to keep your World of warcraft account secure and non-vulnerable to hacking. The volume of the World of warcraft accounts getting hacked is so high that Blizzard is having troubles keeping up with them and the unfortunate players have to wait for many days or even longer to get their World of warcraft account back. What your aim should be is to prevent yourself from being that unlucky player. Here are a few steps which will help you secure your World of warcraft account.

STEP 1: Buy a Blizzard Authenticator. These are basically small, inexpensive authenticators. What they do is that they generate temporary one time use passwords for your World of warcraft account. This prevents any outside access to the account.

Step 2: Keep your Wow account login information private. Never give the username or password of your World of warcraft account to anyone. If under any condition you need to give the details to your Wow account make sure you change the password afterwards.

Step 3: Do not purchase gold or leveling services. Even if the website which is selling the gold and leveling services seems legitimate you should be cautious. This gamble with your hard work and money might make you lose it.

Step 4: Avoid clicking or following any links posted by other players in the forums. Key loggers have become very sophisticated today and even a simple cookie picked up from one of these fake links could easily contain one which brings your age of conan accounts to high risk.

Step 5: Very important. Make sure that whenever you log into Account Management on Blizzard’s website; check the address bar carefully to ensure that you are on Blizzard’s website only. In the past savvy hackers have created identical pages to those hosted by Blizzard and then send them out in mass mails. The only thing they cannot manipulate is the http path. So always throw a glance and check your http path to make sure you are on and are not redirected to any phony phishing website.

Step 6: Only download from safe sites. We know you need mods but do not pull them from unknown websites. Moreover don’t follow links to recommended mods from other players.

Step 7: Do not sell or trade your characters privately. If you wish to sell, do it through the websites which handle the deal for you. Also don’t respond to chats from unknown players during trade chat. If you take the above steps in consideration while playing from your World of warcraft account or while handling your World of warcraft account, it will definitely make your account less vulnerable to hacking.

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