defines originality, style and excellence in creating workstation is among the top fabricators of desktop digital computer. The company creates unique work stations that better understands the professional, high end performance and requirements compared to the requirements of a personal computer. The company simply excels at creating functional designs.

To facilitate better working of an individual BenchCraft is also known for creating ergonomically correct master pieces. These workstation provide ideal working conditions with a desk that has an ideally placed monitor, a comfortable adjustable chair to help a certain posture, a smooth key board shelf, a mouse with a frictionless pad and a arm rest along with the CPU placed within an arms distance to be able to access the disk drives.

BenchCraft specializes at creating standard as well as customized work stations. The Standard workstations are designed by the experienced engineers of the company keeping in mind all aspects of work place for better output. The modular standard workstations are of varied range. One can choose from Standard bench, Tech bench and Cantilever bench. The customized workshops are made strictly according to individual’s need. In fact the client can independently design one with expert inputs from the company engineers. BenchCraft also has a collection of unique accessories that one may like to add up at their workstations. Some of these accessories are Morphological additions to simply designed benches, modular storage constituents, electrical and lighting choices and various other supplements.

The ideal workstation from BenchCraft is available at the official website The site smoothly guides one through the modular work stations available at BenchCraft along with specifications of measurement. This helps to make ones choice much simpler. One can easily improvise and depict a very own design too and then simply request for a quote. The quote will reach through a mail service within minutes helping in taking the decision at the earliest. Choose add-ons from the accessories page for customized or standard workstation to give the workstation that very special personal touch.

The renowned customers of BenchCraft include Sony, Texas Instruments, Fox TV, Delco electronics, Intel, NASA.

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