I-TermPaper.com Screens Foreign Films and Hears Lectures: New Views, Wider Horizons

Inspired by the Sundance film festival’s winners in World Cinema, I-TermPaper.com will undertake the examination of international cinema. We have invited an expert on the works of internationally distinguished directors to bring our writers up to speed. This wider exposure will enhance all our customers’ projects.

I-TermPaper.com always monitors current culture in areas of potential interest to our customers. A terrific predictor of movies, globally, which are likely to resonate long term is the Sundance film festival. The last several years of diverse winners has prompted I-TermPaper.com management to undertake a deeper study of foreign cinema.

To this end, staff will screen works from the Middle Eastern, Asian, and Eastern European directors. These could include Majid Majidi, or vintage Kurasawa. We might also view award nominees, such as “The Tour” (starring Serbian actor Svetozar Cvetkovic and Bosnian actor Emir Hadzihafizbegovic), “Everyday is a Holiday” (directed by Dima El Horr), or recent documentaries such as “Enemies of the People”, about Cambodia (directed by Thet Sambath and Rob Lemkin). We’ll augment this feast of foreign talent with scholarly lectures on cross-cultural cinematic story-telling techniques.

At I-TermPaper.com we feel that all knowledge and insight inform our writing for our customers. I-TermPaper.com often invites specialists to address our staff on potentially useful topics. Look for previous intensive studies of other subjects at http://i-termpaper.com, our website.

About Us:

As an academic writing service, our major asset is our exceedingly well-qualified writing team. We value these folks, and we do all we can to ‘pump up’ their reservoir of skills, knowledge, and insights. Such investments mean that we can keep pace with the evolving range of projects that our customers bring us.

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