Ignoring his lawyer’s advice, Frank Quattrone, the former star tech banker, took the witness stand for a second time yesterday. According to a juror from his last trial, his “evasive” testimony spoilt his chances of acquittal then. How about now?

Mr Quattrone, who in the internet bubble reportedly earned $120 million in a year, is accused of obstructing justice by encouraging staff to destroy e-mail communications.

As Mr Quattrone’s retrial entered its eighth day, John Keker, the former banker’s lead attorney, asked him if he had intended to obstruct US Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice investigations. Mr Quattrone said he had not.

The former Credit Suisse First Boston banker forwarded an e-mail directing staff to carry out routine cleaning out of documents. A day later Mr Quattrone allegedly forwarded it to his own team, adding: “I strongly advise you to follow these procedures.”

The prosecution charges that he sent the message after hearing two days earlier that a federal grand jury was looking into allocations of initial public offerings at the bank.

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