The Executive Committee for EY Law has been appointed as the first phase of the development of the new Ernst & Young-associated law network is completed.

The Executive Committee is co-ordinated by Patrick Bignon, who held the post of vice-chair for the former Ernst & Young Law Alliance. The other members of the Executive Committee are:
Ruben Diaz – partner responsible for co-ordinating the Americas
Stefan Kraus – managing partner, Luther Menold, Germany
Herve Labaude – managing partner for EY Law, France and also responsible for coordinating EY Law across Continental Western Europe
Francesco Marotta – managing partner, Studio Legale Tributario, Italy
Thomas Reith – partner, Luther Menold, Germany
Hans van Gijzen – managing partner, Holland van Gijzen, The Netherlands
Two informal observers will also join meetings of the Executive Committee to help promote co-operation with law practices allied with Ernst & Young in the USA and UK:
Christopher Tite – managing partner, Tite & Lewis, UK
Steve Montgomery – partner, Ernst & Young, USA
All the legal practices in the new EY Law network are represented at a Participants Council which has Hans van Gijzen as non-executive chairman. The Participants Council provides a forum for all the law practices to share information and consider significant issues affecting the development of EY Law overall.

The appointments follow the completion of phase one of the development of the new EY Law network. During the summer, 25 countries have joined the network, building on the former Ernst & Young Law Alliance. In total the new network has approximately 2000 lawyers.

Commenting on the appointments and the completion of phase one of the network, Patrick Bignon, EY Law vice chairman says: “This is a strong team of people. They have worked together in the former Ernst & Young Law Alliance and understand each other well. Their role is to work on building the network and ensuring that it can deliver a quality-led and consistent service to clients. Everything that we do should be focused on improving the way that we work with our clients.

“Areas of focus for us include the creation of learning and development programmes for our professional staff, design and implementation of quality standards, business development, technology and knowledge management, network expansion and management of the way we work with clients.

“We have been extremely successful in building a new legal network that is closely associated with Ernst & Young. We looked carefully at the market and decided that there was a real and active demand from clients for legal services delivered alongside services provided by other professionals.

“Clients find it hard to get a consistent level of legal advice in specialist areas around the world. They can see the benefits in being able to turn to an organisation that can provide that to them at the right level of quality in a co-ordinated and integrated manner. Our goal is to offer clients the option of changing the way they work and giving them additional choice in a market that is still very traditional and has only a small number of emerging global players.

“There is plenty of work for us to do and we may make additional appointments to the Executive Committee as we grow the network during phase two, especially in Asia/Pacific.”

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