Importance of O&M phase in an ERP system

The full benefits of an ERP system ( will be visible only during the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase. However, this is not going to happen automatically. Just implementing an effective ERP system successfully will not assure you that everything will go on nicely and without any problem.

The operational and maintenance phase has to be carefully planned. During this phase the ERP sponsor should monitor the progress of the ERP system with the assistance of the ERP project manager. The ERP project manager is the most logical person to be entrusted the task of looking after the EP system during the O&M phase. He has the experience, the knowledge and the contacts with the tool vendors and external consultants, and he has worked closely with the ERP champions’ in the organization.

So appointing this person as the post-ERP implementation in-charge is a very good idea as things will be easier for him than for anyone else. There should be ERP teams (not end-users) who will assist the ERP post-implementation in-charge in the discharge of his duties. These people will do the various activities of the O&M phase like re-training, training of new employees, installing software upgrades and so on.

The main objective of the O&M phase is to ensure that the ERP system achieves its projected benefits, the users are satisfied and there are no conflicts. The organization of the ERP system and ERP team will depend on the nature of the organization. There can be a central ERP team or there can be independent ERP teams for each division. In either case the EP team members report directly or indirectly to the ERP project manager (now the post-implementation in-charge).

The project testing, marketing, technical support, etc. so that he can coordinate the ERP related activities. The main activities of the ERP project manager are ensuring that the ERP activities of the O&M phase are performed correctly, coordinating the ERP issues with the various departments, assessing the deficiencies in the system and correcting them, assessing the training needs of the existing and new users and giving them training, liaising with the top management giving the progress reports and getting the resources, etc.

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