Industrial Design Student Develops Cabin-Style Accomodation From Shipping Containters – Charlotte Bowie

Wellington, New Zealand, 26 February 2010 – Industrial design student Charlotte Bowie, 25, has designed a DIY solar panel system for an existing bach-type building gaining/collecting enough energy to power a small home.

Dubbed the ‘Bach Pack,’ the battery configuration is attached to the side of the bach to provide a portable renewable energy system.

The four solar panels collect enough solar power, via the batteries stored within the bach, to run the entire dwelling.

“The product seeks to bridge the gap between architecture and industrial design,” says Ms Bowie whose design features at the Masters of Design exhibition, which opens at Massey’s Wellington campus on Saturday.

It is a retro-fitted shipping container portable bach called the Port-a-Bach developed by Wellington architecture firm Atelier Workshop.

The Port-a-Bach can be folded out with an easy-to-use winch and interlocking clamps (delete as the interlocking clamps are part of the Bach Pack, not the Port-a-Bach) to feature a deck and expand the floor space.

Land-owners arrange for the container to be dropped in a location where they want the bach sited and can then assemble the solar panels, without the reliance and help of builders and electricians.

The Bach Pack’s components are housed within the confines of the container bach and Ms Bowie says accessed with ease by the homeowner.

“Provided you have access to the sun, you’d be absolutely fine and completely independent of any need for council services.”

The only up-front start up costs involve paying for the container and solar panels Bach Pack product.

By developing a portable renewable energy system it reduces the environmental impact and encourages self-sufficiency, she says.

Her exhibit, along with the work of 15 other Masters of Design postgraduate candidates from Massey’s College of Creative Arts, is being exhibited from February 27 in the Tea Garden of the Museum Building at Buckle St.

The exhibition represents the culmination of a year’s work for postgraduate students from a variety of design disciplines including spatial, textile, digital, graphic, industrial, communications and performance design.

Other exhibits include a tailoring system in which clients can bring in their own clothing and have the bespoke garments refashioned, and a visual re-interpretation of the history of Fijian commandos during World War II.

The exhibition continues from 9am-5pm daily till March 4.

Industrial design student Charlotte Bowie, who specialises in sustainable design in the architectural area. She has completed her Masters of Industrial Design (Massey University) and also has experience in other design applications and design work, including recent work on such movie projects as “Avatar” and “The Lovely Bones”. Contact her [email protected]

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