Innovative xDSL Tester Covers a Broad Range of Applications

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments ( recommends its handheld xDSL tester designed to test and analyze VDSL, ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ networks. This compact tester performs XDSL physical layer tests, xDSL network layer tests, xDSL application layer tests, Ethernet tests and cable tests. Featuring high accuracy, fast response time and multiple practical functions, it is well-known as an invaluable tool for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of any XDSL network.
This high performance xDSL tester, model A0300032, assists in confirming whether a line is suitable for XDSL services. It also verifies connectivity from user to ISP service provider and conducts network layer tests after dial-up, including Ping, Ipconfig, Route and Tracert. The tester emulates a PC to test broadband IP lines or initiates PPPoE dial-up to test IP network connections and troubleshoot modem or PC problems. It performs PC emulation without an additional ADSL2+ or VDSL modem or PC. This tester boasts a large colorful TFT LCD screen with touch panel and a user-friendly interface supporting web browsing. It has a Windows CE operating system and a large memory capacity and can store up to 2000 ADSL test records.
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GAO Instruments ( is a global leader in research, development and manufacturing of high performance telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments and other test and measurement devices.

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