Instant Desktop Sender Cuts Through SPAM to Make Email Marketing an Undeniable Win

These days it seems like every Tom, Dick, Harry, his brother and six of his closest friends are launching their own email marketing campaign. Why? Because this is the era of the Internet business, and the marketing gurus say that’s what they’re supposed to do. Unfortunately, there’s so much noise out there that no one’s messages are getting through! That’s why Jim Harmon developed the Instant Desktop Sender.

“Just this year alone, tons of inexperienced, green horn marketers joined the Internet marketing world,” says Harmon. “Loads of them don’t know how to utilize email marketing properly, yet one of the first few things they spend loads of money on is autoresponders and they try to hard sell prospects with their spammy emails.”

With the huge number of SPAMMERS out there and an overload of impersonal autoresponders flooding inboxes every day, many people have stopped checking their email altogether-and those that don’t are deleting anything that looks like it might be marketing. With no one reading their messages, email marketers are wasting their time.

Jim Harmon cuts to the heart of the problem with the development of the Instant Desktop Sender. The Instant Desktop Sender circumvents email altogether, letting marketers connect subscribers directly to their desktop. With the software’s segment list function admins can organize customers and subscribers for maximum targeting, allowing them to customize content much more effectively than the standard autoresponder.

“Why go through all the stress, anxiety and frustration of having to invent catchy new headlines for your follow-up emails or worrying if your emails might end up in your subscriber’s spam folder?” asks Harmon.” With this software, your message by passes all that jazz straight in your subscriber’s face – And they’ll be happy there’s no pretense because all the subscribers you’ll get are those who opted in anyway.”

This isn’t one of those efficiency programs reserved exclusively for HTML experts and computer scientists. With an easy to use WYSIWYG editor and standard point and click functions, this is the software designed for people who don’t “do” computers.
Instant Desktop Sender is available for a one-time payment of $67 dllars. There are no subscription fees…ever…guaranteed.

Harmon says, “Kiss goodbye customers forgetting who you are because your email was lost somewhere in their spam folder, problems arising from your mails being marked as spam and worrying if your email went through to your subscriber and say hello to a delighted bunch of loyal customers, more customers, and more profits over time.”

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