International Scrutiny from Regulators Increases Around the Globe

Freshfields – – International Legal Newswire – Companies are under increasing scrutiny from regulators and prosecutors around the globe. Aggressive cross-border investigations are proliferating.

Regulators and prosecutors from different jurisdictions are increasingly co-operating and exchanging information. One problem in a distant corner of the globe can quickly escalate into multiple problems in multiple jurisdictions and clients can find themselves managing issues on a number of fronts, even dealing with simultaneous dawn raids in several countries.

Every angle covered
Our global investigations team helps companies around the world manage the risks posed by cross-border investigations from antitrust, anti-corruption, securities and other regulators and prosecution authorities. It brings together lawyers from corporate, financial services, competition and trade, dispute resolution, tax, employment and intellectual property with expertise in civil, regulatory and criminal investigations.

Our work includes:

•conducting internal investigations, and advising on follow-on issues with regulators;
•defending investigations by prosecutors and regulators;
•dealing with dawn raids;
•handling employee-related issues;
•managing complex issues to do with data protection and disclosure;
•designing and implementing compliance programmes;
•reviewing clients’ existing programmes, so they comply with regulations;
•conducting due diligence and advising on related risks; and
•advising boards and senior executives on policies, procedures and best practices.
To learn more about our work in global investigations please contact one of the partners featured on this page or Katryna Turner

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