IP Law – Copyright Seminars at PlagiarismAnalyzer.org: Learning by the Mistakes of Others

There is no better way to learn something than by the experience and mistakes of others. This simple truth is the foundation of every educational institution PlagiarismAnalyzer.org cooperates with. Being eager to improve its techniques of plagiarism detection and to further develop the reliability of its software, PlagiairsmAnalyzer.org has recently decided to utilize some of these academic practices. Therefore, last month has seen a series of seminars on copyright protection arranged by the company management for its programmers.

“Software techniques of copyright protection are not a new invention,” the CEO of PlagiarismAnalyzer.org explains. “The first attempts at using technology to protect intellectual property were undertaken almost thirty years ago. Certainly, there’s a great deal of experience the industry has accumulated. Our task was to observe this experience more closely and see if we can use it to further develop our own methods.”

The company has hired both university professors and experienced practitioners to deliver a series of lectures to the company’s developers’ team. Even the CEO of PlagiarismAnalyzer.org, who is an expert in the plagiarism detection field himself, has gone through a massive read up to discuss the further development with his employees.

“Yeah, we’ve picked up several ideas here and there,” one of the programmers admits. “So, we’re going to try a few things in the next several weeks. It’s hard to estimate now whether they will develop into an ordinary update or into a massive overhaul of our product.”

Additional information about events and products of the company can be found at plagiarismanlyzer.org website.

About PlagiarismAnalyzer.org

PlagiarismAnalyzer.org is a copyright protection service that has been operating on the market for several years. Having mastered the art of plagiarism detection, PlagiarismAnalyzer.org offers its services to PR agencies, writing services and all other companies whose business is based heavily upon writing.

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