Irish Wedding Favors Are Worth An Experience

For a longtime the Irish culture required the bride and groom to issue favors to the visitors who attended their wedding. Any Irish wedding favors would be issued with no boundaries set on what would be given out. As much as it was a widely practiced tradition in Ireland, no one really knows the reasons behind its conception and what wedding favors were issued. This never stopped the bride and groom from offering small gifts to their visitors to stand as a reminder of this wonderful occasion.

With the passing of time, this tradition and the kind of favors being issued has changed. Depending on one’s capability financially couples can present their guests any kind of gift.

Traditionally the most common favor was the packing of a small piece of the cake and labeling it with the couple’s names and their wedding date, this served the purpose of the tradition quite well which was to ensure the guests took with them a reminder of the occasion. These bomboniere boxes were made more unique and symbolic by closing the boxes using any traditional Irish signs.

One other traditional way that was used to present the wedding favors was by putting some small Irish ornaments inside the cake. These ornaments would be anything from rings to coins and even thimbles. This was also a good way of creating a good surprise mood as the guests look into their cakes to find out what gifts they have been presented with.

These Irish Jewelries all have symbolic meanings. The coin means the person who has received it will get plenty of riches while a ring in the cake stands to show that particular person will be married within a year. However some of these charms portray bad situations, a good example is with the dried pea, the finder of this will live and die a poor person. Therefore to avoid having unhappy guests it will be wise to avoid some of these charms that have symbolic meanings.

During the recent times the wedding favor boxes tradition had taken a back sit and was almost until it was revived again. However the urgency of giving these Wedding Bombonieres is not as much as it was in the past, but it is a good way one can use to appreciate their guests in sharing their wonderful day. Nowadays the bride and groom issue their visitors at their reception with small gifts which they will take home and remember the occasion with.

Depending on the number of guests you receive and your strength financially it can be quite a burden for one to shoulder. Therefore to make things much easier the newlyweds can only arrange to give the Wedding Bombonieres at their wedding party where the guests will be fewer.

Some of the best modern favors to issue include Irish tea which is famous for its superior quality. One can easily order it online and have it brought to your door. Another perfect memento would be the Irish linen.

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