Is Ron Paul’s Money Bomb Imploding? Don’t Count On It – Is Ron Paul’s “money bomb” imploding? The independent candidate for the presidency appears to have some issues, according to recent reports.

The Christian Science Monitor reported that Ron Paul actually took in over $3 million in February, $1 milliion less than the previous month. But the issue with the feisty candidate’s ongoing campaign is unlikely to prevent him running in the campaign given his aversion to running any kind of deficity, plus the lean mean machine that he operates.

According to figures, Ron Paul’s campaign spends around 34 cents in every campaign on direct activities, compared to Mitt Romney’s 26 cents in the dollar.

Further, Ron Paul’s strategy is to pick the places he can win, or at least perform well.

So no-one is counting Ron Paul out of this race, whether his famed “money bomb” appeals are working quite as they used to or whether they’re not.

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