Is smoking harmful…?

“Due to the heavy competition in the present scenario of the world, the cigarette smoking has become a common habit for the people of all age groups”. Perhaps, it may relieve the person from the strain but it shows a dangerous effect on the health of the people. It causes cancer to the smoker and also results in the bad impact of the people surrounding. The eco balance will be disturbed in the vicinity of smoking by disturbing the percentage of natural gases in the air.
Why e-cigarette?
“Electronic cigarette are introduced into the market to avoid the dreadful effects on the people and environment”. These comprises of battery components, atomizing device, cartridge and a light indicator. The cartridge present at the first end of an e-cigarette contains liquid gives the taste and feeling of the regular traditional cigarette. These are the smoke less cigarettes and do not contains any harmful chemical that are used in the common cigarette and does not deposit the stains on the teeth of a person.
Is it true? This cigarette is not injurious for health!
The usage of these electronic cigarettes is increasing drastically across the world. Many countries in the world are encouraging these cigarettes by offering at cheaper rates to save the environment from pollution. “Government of UK offers these cigarettes at a considerable price and helps the people to become free from the problems related to the lungs and respiration”. The e-cigarette Canada is also encouraging the people considerably to choose this cigarette as it helps in protecting the people from dreadful diseases. “Foschia is the best electronic cigarette available in the market to become free from the respiratory diseases”. Thus electronic cigarettes play a prominent role in quitting the habit of smoking!!

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