Jeffrey K. Skilling, the indicted former chief executive of Enron Corp., was hospitalized early yesterday morning after New York City police found him “acting erratically” on the Upper East Side, a police official said.

New York Police Detective Thomas Kuchma, reading from a police report, said officers responding to 911 calls around 4 a.m. Friday found a 50-year-old white male “who was acting erratically” on the corner of East 73rd Street and Park Avenue. Kuchma said the man, identified on the report as Jeff Skilling from Houston, was transported to New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

No charges were filed. Skilling was released from the hospital later yesterday.

The Associated Press reported that Skilling allegedly approached passersby and pulled on their clothing, accusing them of being FBI agents and following him. A source briefed on the issue told The Washington Post that an emergency medical technician who responded to the calls described a similar scene.

Skilling’s lawyer Bruce A. Hiler, called the AP report “grossly inaccurate.”

“Mr. Skilling asked several passing cabdrivers to call for the police after he and his wife were followed and harassed by two men, who questioned him about Enron and refused to answer whether they were FBI agents,” Hiler said in an e-mail message. He said Skilling had “minor abrasions” and his wife, Rebecca C. Skilling, a former secretary to Enron’s board of directors, suffered a concussion after they were “pushed to the ground.”

“This is an outrageous example of how pre-trial prejudice generated by the government and others have put Mr. Skilling and his family in danger.”

A police source told the AP that Skilling allegedly pulled on the clothes of patrons in two East Side bars, American Trash and the Vudu Lounge. Hiler said Skilling “was not at the two bars.”

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