Joe Paterno’s Lawyers Fight to Protect His Legacy From The Sandusky Fallout – Lawyers for Joe Paterno, the Penn State football coach who died in January, have aggressively attempted to protect his legacy, hammering the university board of trustees and accusing some members of deflecting blame onto Paterno for protecting his assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, who he knew was being investigated for sexually assaulting young boys.

The NY Times reports that Mr Paterno was at the same time negotiating an amendment to his coaching contract, even though it had until the end of the 2011 season to run.

Reports the Times:

“The family and its lawyers have hammered the university’s board of trustees, accusing members of attempting to deflect blame onto a dying Mr. Paterno. This week, they angrily disputed the conclusions of an independent investigation that asserted Mr. Paterno and other top university officials protected a serial predator in order to “avoid the consequences of bad publicity” for the university, its football program and its coach’s reputation.

“On Friday, Wick Sollers, a lawyer for Mr. Paterno and his family, said that it was Penn State that last summer proposed the lucrative retirement package, and that many of the aspects of the proposal — use of the plane, the luxury box — had existed in prior contracts.

“Information about the salary paid to Mr. Paterno, one of the longest serving and most successful college football coaches in history, had for many years been hard to come by. In recent years, though, it became fairly common knowledge that he earned about $1 million annually, not counting his television deals.

It was a sweet deal for Mr Paterno, notwithstanding the embroiling scandal of Jerry Sandusky swirling about him.

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