John Allen Muhammad was convicted of murder, terrorism and other charges lon Monday – charges that could send him to death row for his role in the Washington area sniper shootings last yearMuhammad stood with hands clasped before him, biting his lower lip as the foreman repeated the word “guilty” four times. The seven-woman, five-man panel returned the verdict after approximately 6 1/2 hours of deliberation, finding Muhammad guilty of two counts of capital murder, conspiracy and illegal use of a firearm.

Assistant Prince William Commonwealth’s Attorney Richard A. Conway told jurors they had ample evidence to execute Muhammad.

“Even if you didn’t hear another soul testify, you certainly already heard enough” to deliver the death penalty, Conway said in the prosecution’s opening statement.

Conway promised to present evidence about a shooting in Washington state that predated the sniper siege, and told jurors they would hear about Muhammad’s alleged access to two handguns and a rifle not tied to the Washington-area rampage.

Muhammad, 42, a Louisiana native and Gulf War veteran, was charged in the Oct. 9, 2002, slaying of 53-year-old Dean H. Meyers, who was gunned down outside a gasoline station in Manassas. His alleged accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, is on trial in nearby Chesapeake.

One of the requirements for a finding of capital murder is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was responsible for killing more than one person within the previous three years.

Prosecutors built their case against Muhammad around 16 separate shootings.

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