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Do Marinas Have Video Surveillance?
Do Marinas Have Video Surveillance?

Kensington Swan has developed something of an enviable workplace culture, both more relaxed on the one hand and inclusive on the other. 

While the firm has had some ups and downs in terms of its development, notably a planned entry into the Middle Easter market, it has focused on growing its home market with considerable success.  The firm’s culture remains strongly inclusive and less pressured than the ‘Golden Triangle’ firms.


Charles Spillane

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Firm Chair

David Campbell

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Auckland & Wellington

Ranking on the LawFuel Diversity Index

33 per cent women partners

Graduate Starting Salary


Recruitment & Vacancies

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“You will find working at Kensington Swan a rewarding and unique experience. As well as working with great people in a collaborative environment, we focus on acknowledging the contribution you make, and ensure you are provided with benefits that support both your work and personal life.”

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